The Crown in Catton

The Crown in Catton needed a website that matched their new look pub. The main focus was to highlight the tremendous views which can be enjoyed through the huge glass doors that span the length of the building, so I grabbed my camera and set about getting some great shots.

The site itself is built in WordPress but as usual the theme is completely bespoke developed from the ground up. I created a full screen slide show to give the perfect welcome which like the rest of the website is fully responsive for all device sizes. Next I used a very good events manager plugin which I spent considerable time integrating to the site and re-skinning to match the theme.

With this set up it takes as little as 5 minutes to log in and create a new event and publish it to the site, a perfect example of how WordPress can provide a very powerful content management system for more than just the traditional blogging software it used to be.

Google offer some great API's that you can use for website development and probably the most popular is Google Maps. I prefer to keep things unique so the map uses a custom marker and for those that need it a simple to use travel directions tool.

Overall the build required extensive use of Photoshop and Illustrator for photos and graphics and a variety of coding such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP. I have to say I really enjoyed this work and I've picked up some very useful skills and tools along the way, so who knows, maybe in the future pubs will feature more in my work as well as play!

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